Friday, October 15, 2010

Stream Monsters' Ball: Season's Beatings


The stream should start at 6 P.M. (EST) tonight. The top four of every game, along with the top eight of SSF4 will be on Sunday. There is no schedule for the special events yet.

Super Street Fighter 4 has about 400 entrants.

Keits is running a SSF4 character-auction tournament tonight. Players will bid on each character in the game. The winner gets to enter the tournament with that character for the winning bid price. Each character in the game will be represented by only one player. Obviously, this will make characters like Dan, Hakan, and Makoto cheaper to play, while Bison, Chun, Balrog, and Rufus might cost a bit more. All characters compete for the same total pot. It should be really interesting, and I'm hoping it shows up on the stream.


Season's Beatings: Redemption, a massive fighting game tournament, takes place this weekend, October 15-17, in Columbus, Ohio. Though known as "the Mecca of Marvel," the event features traditional tournaments and tons of special events in other games. Here's a sampling of the highlights:

  • SSF2T: High-roller, $50-entry tournament, held on arcade hardware
  • SSFIV: 5-on-5 featuring Team America vs. Team International
    • Team America: Jwong, Arturo Sanchez, Mike Ross, Marn, Eduardo "PR Rog"
    • Team International: Daigo, Momochi, Choco (Lady Blanka), Gamerbee, Starnab (French Fei)
  • MvC2: Yipes vs. Chris Schmidt Grudge Match

As soon as there's a schedule, I'll post it up. Anybody interested in having a stream-viewing party?

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  1. I'd be down for watching this over Mac and Cheese! :D

    depends on my work schedule.